Ask For What You Want.

Life will often give you what you ask of it. The challenge is in the asking.

As of late, one thing has become incredibly clear to me. A truly inspiring quote from the late Jim Rohn sums it up perfectly:

“The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized–never knowing.”

If you have any doubt that the pain of not acting on one’s desires and passions is the ultimate regret, feel free to watch this video. Many wise men and women in the past have reiterated this message, and it is most certainly one that’s worth acting on. Ask yourself right now; what do I really desire? What do I desire of my work? My health? My relationships? My wealth? My business? Don’t let your reasons get in the way here. Don’t sell yourself short with “I really want X but not right now because of Y” or “I really want A, but that’s unrealistic because of B“. Be completely authentic with yourself and ask yourself what it is that you truly desire. Now go after it. Ask for it. Take action towards it. Commit to it. Just don’t get too attached to the how.

What I mean by this is simple; the how may not end up being the right how on your first go. Take for example, someone (let’s call him Joe) who desires to become a millionaire. Joe decides to do so by flipping homes in the US in 2008. Evidently, that how turned out to be the wrong how. That doesn’t mean that Joe can’t become a millionaire, it simply means that Joe ought to rethink how it is he’s going to get there and make the necessary pivot.

The trick here is that Joe actually went for it. The trick is that instead of saying to himself “I really want to become a millionaire, but to invest in real estate would be too risky” Joe just gave in to what he desires and chased after it. Sure he might have failed at first, but at least Joe went after it. At least Joe doesn’t have to live with the regret of never having acted on his desires. The trick is to have NO EXCUSES. If you find yourself trying to justify why this is insane advice and why Joe shouldn’t have acted on his desires, ask yourself what your own excuses are. I bet there are lots. I bet they make total sense to you, and I bet they’re all totally reasonable. The problem is, being reasonable will yield reasonable results. Make reasonable requests, you’ll receive an ordinary life in return; nothing more. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to be unreasonable sometimes.

An important note to make is that life won’t always give you what you ask of it on the first try. In fact, life will almost never give you what you ask of it on the first try. Persistence is what will yield results, and the paths to your desires may end up looking completely different from what you originally thought they would look like. You might get fired, you might need to quit, you might fall down, you might not end up with him or with her, you might end up broke on your way to being wealthy, your first couple businesses may fail. The only thing that matters is that you never waiver in your desires. What matters is that you continue to pick yourself back up. What matters is that you set all the reasons aside. What matters is that you have the courage to ask for what you really want and never settle.

Now, instead of just thinking to yourself “Huh, that was a cool article” and carrying on with your day, ask yourself some simple questions — and be honest with yourself:

“What am I not asking for?”

“What do I desire that I’m not taking action on?”

“What do I want but am afraid to ask for?”

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions, you’re

Ready, Set, Action.

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