The Secret To Breakthrough Performance

This week, I became incredible present to one single distinction that has been absolutely instrumental in my success in business and in life. This one element of my life has made all the difference in leaving me able to produce breakthrough results in the areas of my life that are of importance to me.

If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend you get yourself a coach.

For the past three years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a business coach who I meet with every single week. Not surprisingly, when I look back over the last three years of my life at my biggest accomplishments, almost all of them are in my business. Being able to earn $30,000 in 8 months out of the year, while in school full time was a HUGE accomplishment, growing that income by 30% the following year, while still in school full time was another MASSIVE accomplishment, and growing the following year to running a $1M business after leaving school was certainly the loftiest goal I had ever set for myself, let alone achieved. Thinking back to what it was that made all the difference leaves me with one very clear answer: having a coach. Now, there are plenty of other factors that played a big role, and certainly having a coach does not guarantee success, however I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have been able to achieve those kinds of results had it not been for the coaching I received.

What made me so incredibly present to this distinction wasn’t actually looking back over the last 3 years. In fact, it was looking back over the last 3 months. You see, 3 months ago I got myself a life coach. In addition to my business coach of 3 years, I now have someone who coaches me in all the other areas of life. What I came to realize pretty quickly once I started working with this new coach, was that my breakthrough levels of performance were essentially limited to within my business. In all the other areas of my life, I would rate my performance at anywhere from average to poor. I’ve certainly attempted to stay balanced over the years, and have spent plenty of awesome time with incredible friends (I don’t consider myself to be a workaholic) though my overall performance in the areas of fitness, relationships, etc. have remained average at best.

In the past 3 months since beginning working with my life coach… Breakthroughs. Relationships, friendships, family, health, you name it! The comparison to the 3 years prior is stark. Just one week ago I adopted yet another coach, this one for my second business, Pursuit. The result? I’ve taken more action and produced more results in my business in the past week than I had in the month prior. And you’d better believe that I’m one hard working motherf…. The reality is that you simply can’t produce the same results without a coach. Can you be successful without a coach? Absolutely. Can you be as successful without a coach as with? I doubt it.

My coaches do several things for me, including, but not limited to, helping me set weekly goals, holding me accountable to my goals, keeping me motivated, and helping me to strategize. As I’m sure you can well imagine, having someone to hold you accountable to doing what you say you’re going to do every single week for 3 straight years is a pretty great environment to facilitate living in integrity.

The real value of a coach however, is not in what they do, or even how they do it. The real value of a coach lies in their perspective. Think about it. How many coaches do you think there are in the NHL who could actually get out on the ice and outperform any of the players on the ice? Likely none.

So how can a coach add value? Perspective. The real advantage that you get from having a coach is in having an outsider looking in on all areas of your life. Because of a coaches unique perspective on the game (your life), the coach is able to see things that the players (you) simply can’t see. Just as one very small example, my new business coach was able to see within 5 minutes that certain pages on my website focused on features instead of benefits, which translated into lost sales. Duh. That’s business 101, and I missed the mark entirely and never noticed it.

So here’s the deal: if you want to create average results; carry on as you are. If you want lasting, breakthrough results in the areas of life that are important to you; get yourself a coach. Or better yet, coaches.

Ready, set, action.



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